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About the Artist
Joanna Ebenstein is a multidisciplinary artist, curator, blogger, and graphic designer based in Brooklyn, New York. She runs a blog called Morbid Anatomy and the related Morbid Anatomy Library, and is the founding member of an art/event space called Observatory.

Ebenstein photographs, curates, and collects artifacts, images, and texts relating to curious collections, early museums and cabinets of curiosity, collectors and collecting, medical museums, and museums of natural history. Her photography--more of which can be seen here--has been shown internationally and has appeared in a variety of publications. Her recent solo exhibition, Anatomical Theatre, explored the art and culture of medical museums around the world through photographs of their artifacts. Another recent exhibition, Private Cabinets, featured a collection of photographs of privately held collections around the world. She also acted as curatorial advisor and designer for the London based Wellcome Collection’s recent Exquisite Bodies: or the Curious and Grotesque History of the Anatomical Models exhibition.

You can see more of Ebenstein's photography by clicking here.

You can find out more her and her work by visiting www.astropop.com and morbidanatomy.blogspot.com.

MASTHEAD IMAGE: Perspective [interior] view of Sir Ashton Lever's Museum [Leicester Square, London] March 30/1785 / watercolour by Sarah Stone, Stone, Sarah, ca. 1760-1844; State Library of New South Wales

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